Tentacle by Rita Indiana (tr. Achy Obejas)

a nutshell: twisting between three timeframes, this is a mind-boggling tale stretching across themes of gender, queerness, poverty, ecodisaster, addiction, sex, colonialism, art & everything else in-between

a line: “Lies, thought Acilde, are like beans, they have to be well seasoned or no one will swallow them”

an image: repeating a name to himself, a character imagines that the letters of the name are fishing hooks searching the depths of his mind as he captured fragments of images that dissolved just as they were taking shape

a thought: I actually read this book last year but forgot to review it at the time, so dipped back into it this week and was struck, on the very first page, by the words ‘quarantine’ and ‘virus’ – these aspects of the storyline of course barely made a dent on my psyche back in July 2019, whereas now they jolted me into panic mode… how times have changed

a fact: as well as writing, Indiana makes music & she is a household name in the Dominican Republic where she is popularly referred to as “La Monstra” (the monster)

want to read Tentacle? visit here

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