Sexographies by Gabriela Wiener (tr. Lucy Greaves & Jennifer Adcock)

a nutshell: quite unlike anything I’ve read before, this is a spectacularly intimate anthology from one of Peru’s boldest writers on everything from female ejaculation and polygamy to transgender sex work and motherhood

a line: “With age, unless you make an effort to grow, you’re just more of what you always were.”

an image: Wiener ends the chapter about her body dysmorphia by describing a drawing she did after someone who loves her said he wished he had met her when she was little, so he could have told her she was the most beautiful girl in the world; in her drawing, she sits on his knee, believes his words, and can grow up without tallying her flaws

a thought: recording her conversation with Isabel Allende, Wiener says Allende viewed “women’s writing” as a term used derogatively and fought against this “segregation” for years, which made me feel conflicted – after all, this project’s primary purpose is to read & promote under-appreciated work by people identifying as women globally

a fact: Wiener is among the new generation of Latin American nonfictional cronistas (chroniclers) whose work drew on innovations from the ‘New Journalists’ of the 1960s–70s and is immersive, with a distinctive narrative voice and techniques lent by fiction – according to this v interesting LARB article


want to read Sexographies? visit here

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