The Welsh Language: A History by Janet Davies

a nutshell: spanning millennia, this overview of the Welsh language (iaith fy wlad – the language of my homeland) was so readable I finished it in a single day

a line: “The average Englishman … is seldom prepared to believe that the Welsh are a different nation – in fact, if there is any general attitude towards the Welsh, it is that they are a nuisance”

an image: though I learned about the Blue Books controversy at school, I still find Rev L. H. Davies’ portrayal of Welsh society mind-blowing with its claims of how ‘the females’, ahem, had a prevalent want of chastity and of how young people had a habit of rolling around in haylofts together – what a picture he painted

a thought: the roots of the Welsh language stretch back at least 2,500 years (perhaps 4,000) compared with little more than 1,500 years in the cases of English & Gaelic – Welsh is a rare example of an indigenous language of the Western Roman Empire still spoken today

a fact: in 2011 the Welsh National Assembly passed a Measure that gave the Welsh language official status in Wales, thus making it the only language which is de jure official in any part of the UK

want to read The Welsh Language: A History? visit here

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