A Disobedient Girl by Ru Freeman

a nutshell: set in a politically volatile Sri Lanka, this passionate debut follows two women struggling for independence against a backdrop of class & prejudice

a line: “And I am grateful, still, despite all of it, that I had one year in which I got to be a woman. Not a daughter, not a wife, not a mother”

an image: the response and spiralling of events when Latha, a servant girl, asks for a pair of sandals from her employer is heart-breaking

a thought: from being fairly disengaged at the beginning, the characters’ hazy fates & connections soon took hold of me – this is a slow burner, but worth it by the end

a fact: the author holds a graduate degree in labour studies, researching female migrant labor in Kuwait, UAE & Saudi Arabia – unpaid child labour is a major theme throughout this novel

want to read A Disobedient Girl? visit here

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