The Circle of Karma by Kunzang Choden

a nutshell: a young Bhutanese woman, Tsomo, sets out on a challenging & often lonely journey to discover what she really wants from life

a line: “Everything happened because we are women. You loved a man and suffered. I hated the man and suffered”

an image: one sleepless night, Tsomo notices how the silver moonbeams enter the room, ethereal white through the gaps in the wall, and scatter on the floor like fine needles, weightless & fragile

a thought: it’s tough to convey the extent to which Tsomo’s relationships are marred by misogyny – from violent beatings to disrespectful language to flagrant infidelity, it can be enraging to follow

a fact: published in 2005, this is the first English-language novel ever written by a woman from the Himalayan nation of Bhutan

want to read The Circle of Karma? visit here

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