The Gravedigger’s Son by Teresa Colom (tr. Mara Faye Lethem)

a nutshell: with one of the most unique & memorable frameworks I’ve encountered in my project, this story explores an extraordinary childhood set among tombstones

a line: “Death had been tempted by the idea of being a mother for centuries”

an image: my favourite moment was the one in which, as if harvesting an onion, the astonished gravedigger pulled something entirely unexpected out of a grave (no spoilers here!)

a thought: I was amused by the way in which Colom colourfully details the assumptions made by local characters about the child’s origins, each figuring that he had come from another without ever making efforts to find out the truth

a fact: born in Andorra in 1973, Colom writes poetry as well as prose – excerpts are available to read here

The Gravedigger’s Son is not yet in publication – watch this space!

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